Paella FAQ

What is paella anyway?

  • Paella is a traditional Spanish rice dish cooked in a slightly curved pan, called a “paella pan."​

  • The PC&WB owners come from first-generation Spaniards (Marisol: Catalana; John: Sevillano), where paella was part of their landscape growing up. They're excited to share it with you.

What's so good about it?

  • Simply, it’s one of the most flavorful ways to prepare food. Onions, peppers, garlic and tomatoes, are sauteed in the paella pan forming the “sofrito.”

  • Meats, seafood, veggies (and any combo thereof), wine and spices are added and sauteed with the sofrito.

  • Special paella rice is then cooked with the pan goodies for a bit, and then stock is added to cook the rice. The rice has the unique ability to absorb up to 3x its volume in stock, with the result being all the yummy pan flavors are concentrated in the rice.

Is that it?

  • No! Perhaps the best part is the crispy rice that forms on the bottom, called “socarrat.” Some consider it the main attraction – for example, there’s a chain of restaurants in New York called “Socarrat.”